This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Lexus of Queens in regard to customers who lease their vehicles. Servicing your vehicle, even if it is leased, is extremely important for the following reasons:

 1 - Safety - Trained technicians to thoroughly check your vehicle correctly. Realize that there are extremely advanced safety features on your Lexus that should be inspected periodically by trained technicians to confirm they are working correctly. Brakes tires, fluids, etc. 

 2 - Recalls - Safety recalls and service bulletins are announced periodically by Lexus and NHTSA. It is very important to have these recalls and/or repairs handled as soon as possible to confirm that your vehicle is operating as safely and efficiently as possible. These recalls/repairs can only be completed by certified technicians at a franchised Lexus Dealership. 

 3 - Lease Obligation 21 "Vehicle Maintenance and Damage" in the lease agreement page 2""

"You are responsible for all maintenance, repair, service, and operating expenses of the vehicle. You agree to keep the vehicle in the same condition as when you received it, except for reasonable wear, to maintain the vehicle so that any warranties or similar agreements remain effective and so that is passes all inspections required by law, to follow the owner's manual and maintenance schedule, and to provide us with written proof of such maintenance. You agree to make the vehicle available to us for inspection during the Lease Term at any reasonable time and place that we request"

4 - Warranty Coverage - As mentioned above, regular maintenance is a condition of warranty coverage. Vehicles that are not properly maintained may not qualify for certain warranty repairs due to lack of maintenance. 

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